Kitchen Build and Renovation Contractors


The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is why so many of our clients choose to remodel, revamp or fully build a new kitchen that not only allows their vision to come to life but is also functional and provides for their family’s needs. With our comprehensive and expert team, we can easily conduct your kitchen project, achieving all of your goals. Whether you’re looking to make a few small and simple updates or want to completely change the floor plan, our team can get the job done with the utmost care, quality, and professionalism.

Since our team’s skills range from design to electrical work and plumbing, it doesn’t matter what you’re hoping to achieve with your kitchen project, we can get it done and get it done well. At the end of the day, we take extreme pride in the fact that we approach every project with care, attention to detail, precision, and with the end goal to exceed your expectations.

If you have particular design ideas and customizations in mind, then let us help. Our team will work with you to understand your goals and find solutions to make your new kitchen exactly what you had hoped for. And if interior design is not your forte or you’re stumped on how to modernize and elevate your kitchen, then let our designers work with you. With their experience and expertise, you’ll surely find a design and outcome that makes you proud of your new space.



Custom Kitchen Renovations

We know that a kitchen project is an exciting one, no matter if you’re building a new kitchen to complete your basement apartment or completely renovating the heart of the home to better host and entertain your family and friends. You can trust our team to carry out the project on time, on budget, and ensure your new-found space is more than what you had hoped for.

If you’re looking to expand your kitchen or change the layout so that the look and feel works better for you, we can easily complete this task. With our team members and a vast array of skill sets, we can gut and build you a brand new kitchen that not only meets your aesthetic goals but is more functionally equipped for your needs. We’ll also complete this in a safe and secure manner, building you a special space that can stand the test of time.

We work with passion and care, paying close attention to all the details, no matter how small. If your kitchen is not currently serving you functionally, we can develop solutions that will provide a better space for you and your family. From building an open-concept kitchen to providing better ventilation or more storage space, we’ll listen to your goals and wants to redesign your kitchen.

Over time, kitchens become outdated. If your space is in need of a revamp, we can work to improve the cosmetics and overall appearance (and functionality) of your kitchen as well. From improving the flooring to brightening up the space with paint and a new backsplash, or even adding some special touches such as smart appliances and surround sound, Generation Construction can take care of it all, giving you a kitchen that you are incredibly proud of.



We begin every project with an in depth client consultation to define the goals, needs, timeline, budget, and scope of work. These key factors sets a strong foundation for the project, ensuring that every decision our team makes is aligned with our client’s expectations and vision.


We will create the design & build plans of the project, ensuring that all specifications are met, and that the overall design fits your lifestyle and vision. All design & build plans are engineered for safety, quality and are built to last.


Before construction begins, we prepare our client’s homes, protecting their valuables and ensuring that proper health and safety measures are put in place. From the time we meet to the end of the project, our team works tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of the build are managed with percision.


We have such a passion for the work that we do, that we take honour in walking you through your new space! Before the great unveiling, our team will ensure the space is clean and clear, adding in any final touches that will take the project from great to incredible.

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How to Get a High ROI from your Home Renovation

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