Bedroom Build and Renovation Contractors


A bedroom renovation is key for turning your space into a private sanctuary where you can relax, rest and unwind. Generation Construction has been a trusted partner within the Greater Toronto Area, helping homeowners achieve their bedroom goals by creating extraordinary spaces of all sizes.

A bedroom renovation of any size is an intimate and important project, which is why our team of contractors and designers take a collaborative approach. This allows our clients to outline their goals, wishes and wants so that our team can understand and commit to achieving the desired vision. Whether it’s a certain type of flooring or unique and custom closets that you’d like to be included in your renovation, our team is here to listen carefully and make it happen. With the highest quality of materials, passion, and craftsmanship.

At Generation Construction, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and consistency in the quality of our work, care, and expertise. When working with us to complete your renovation, you’ll find that our team of experienced professionals are truly committed to delivering the best results and are always willing to go the extra mile.



Custom Bedroom Renovations

Elevate your bedroom from your “sleeping space” to your personal sanctuary. Whether you’re ready to modernize your master bedroom, renovate your child’s room, or build a brand new space, Generation Construction is the team you need. Our team of skilled contractors and designers is ready to work with you, helping you realize your vision and achieve it.

A bedroom renovation with us is a smooth and simple process. We work closely with you to develop a sound and effective schedule that will work for you, your family, and our team. This not only allows us to stay on budget but helps move the project forward in a timely manner, so you can have your haven back in no time.

We know that this space means a great deal to our clients. So, throughout the entire renovation process, clients are welcome and encouraged to give input and feedback. From layout plans to design elements, our contractors and interior designers are here to work with you and ensure your new space exceeds your expectations. 

Generation Construction is not only known for its passion and care but also for the high-quality craft and skill that our team possesses. Every bedroom renovation, whether for an existing or new space, can be improved with our exquisite features such as custom closets, unique furnishings, hardwood flooring, feature lighting, and interior designs. 

If it’s time to elevate your bedroom space, then Generation Construction is the right team for your renovation. Work with us to turn your bedroom into a perfect sleeping oasis.



We begin every project with an in depth client consultation to define the goals, needs, timeline, budget, and scope of work. These key factors sets a strong foundation for the project, ensuring that every decision our team makes is aligned with our client’s expectations and vision.


We will create the design & build plans of the project, ensuring that all specifications are met, and that the overall design fits your lifestyle and vision. All design & build plans are engineered for safety, quality and are built to last.


Before construction begins, we prepare our client’s homes, protecting their valuables and ensuring that proper health and safety measures are put in place. From the time we meet to the end of the project, our team works tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of the build are managed with percision.


We have such a passion for the work that we do, that we take honour in walking you through your new space! Before the great unveiling, our team will ensure the space is clean and clear, adding in any final touches that will take the project from great to incredible.

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