Bathroom Build and Renovation Contractors


A bathroom renovation is a perfect opportunity to turn your space into a private, modern sanctuary. By elevating the design of this space as well as the functionality, you can be left in awe, every time you enter this room. 

At Generation Construction, we understand the importance of having a well-designed and functional space. We also understand that every home has unique needs when it comes to creating a fully-functional bathroom. This is why our team utilizes a collaborative approach. We begin every bathroom renovation by working with you to understand your needs, wants and wishes so that we can meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

The team at Generation Construction values high-quality work, attention to detail, and precision. When working with us, you can expect a great deal of care and passion to go into your bathroom renovation, every step of the way. From demolition to design, we’re here to work with you and build a bathroom that you’re proud to have in your home.



Custom Bathroom Renovations

No matter the size, our team can turn your bathroom into an outstanding space. From master baths to half baths, we can renovate any size bathroom to create that “wow factor” that every homeowner strives for. 

Generation Construction is also skilled and experienced in building completely new bathrooms, thanks to our diverse and experienced team of plumbers, electricians, master tilers, and other craftsmen. If your dream space involves starting from the ground up, we can achieve this goal, on time and within budget.

With our collaborative approach, there’s always room for suggestions and your input. We’ll listen carefully as you describe how you want this new room to look, feel, and come together. Whether you want a particular paint colour or would like input on the floor plan of this space, we’re here to work with you to ensure this space matches your vision.

From the beginning, our team goes the extra mile in building and renovating your new bathroom. One process that we stand by and complete during these projects is waterproofing the entire space to prevent mold growth. This allows our clients to not only feel confident in our approach, but it also results in your bathroom lasting in great condition, for generations.

In addition to building a strong foundation, our team of craftsmen and designers is here to take your vision to the next level. Heated floors, modern showers, custom-built vanities, unique finishings, or new windows, are just a few refined crafts our skilled team can deliver.

A bathroom renovation is a great opportunity to increase the value of your home or create a functional sanctuary for your family and guests. Whether you're adding in a brand new bathroom or renovating the master, Generation Construction is the team you can rely on to create a stunning result that will last a lifetime.



We begin every project with an in depth client consultation to define the goals, needs, timeline, budget, and scope of work. These key factors sets a strong foundation for the project, ensuring that every decision our team makes is aligned with our client’s expectations and vision.


We will create the design & build plans of the project, ensuring that all specifications are met, and that the overall design fits your lifestyle and vision. All design & build plans are engineered for safety, quality and are built to last.


Before construction begins, we prepare our client’s homes, protecting their valuables and ensuring that proper health and safety measures are put in place. From the time we meet to the end of the project, our team works tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of the build are managed with percision.


We have such a passion for the work that we do, that we take honour in walking you through your new space! Before the great unveiling, our team will ensure the space is clean and clear, adding in any final touches that will take the project from great to incredible.

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