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Spring Renovation Trends for 2022

March 17, 2022

It’s around that time that residents of the Greater Toronto Area get excited knowing that Spring is right around the corner. And while that means longer days and warmer weather, it also means that it’s time to start those highly anticipated home renovation projects.

Whether you’re ready to completely renovate your home, are looking to amp up your backyard space, or are completing some updates to get ready to sell, the next few months will be a perfect time. And we have a list of the trending spaces, designs, and renovation projects that will help increase the value and look and feel of your home this year. Ready to renovate? Your inspiration awaits…

Invest in your Home Office

With two years of Zoom calls under our belt, everyone now understands the importance of having great lighting and a nice background in their home office. While many have already created small office spaces, homeowners are now seeing the benefit of investing more heavily in them.

Potlights, feature walls, and big open windows are a great place to start. After all, if you’re going to be spending significantly more time in your home office, you might as well spend the money and effort to make it more appealing and to your liking.

Create a Smart Home

Technology is on the rise! One of the biggest trends that we’ve seen is the increase in adding Smart technology to your home. Not only does this provide a great return on investment, but it also helps to make your home easier, cozier, and inviting, which is something that everyone is looking for given their increase in time spent there.

You can start off small by adding Smart technology to your lights or thermostats for easy use and efficiency. However, nowadays technology can be added to just about everything from your coffee machine to your dishwasher and alarm systems. It just depends on how smart and efficient you want your home to be.

Open Concept Spaces

Open rooms have been around for a while, however, they are growing in popularity for condos, apartments, and homes. Not only does it help to make your space look bigger, but it also allows for rooms to serve multiple purposes and functions all at once.

A pro tip for condos is creating an open concept between your living room space and your kitchen. This allows for a spread of natural light throughout the home and helps to make the place look bigger and brighter without any additional lighting. Click here to see examples of how we’ve created open concept rooms in condos.

Durable Countertops and Kitchen Appliances

The pandemic has forced many families and individuals to spend more time cooking at home. While restaurants and cafes have opened up, many people have kept their “eating-in” habits, making the kitchen a more desirable and used space.

This has created the need for more durable countertops and kitchen appliances. If you’re looking to spend your renovation budget somewhere that has a great ROI, we recommend switching out your countertops to either Granite or Quartz and upgrading your appliances. This tip works well for condos and apartments too!

Upgraded Outdoor Spaces

Spring is the perfect time to update your outdoor spaces as it gives you all of Summer and Fall to enjoy the new upgrades. While this can be as simple as adding new lighting and furniture into the mix, many homeowners are spending their budget to create their own personal staycation oasis.

From new decks to pergolas to outdoor kitchen and patio spaces, the options are endless here! Not only will this renovation provide you with the ultimate Summer escape, but it will also help spruce up the exterior of your home all while adding value to it.

With Spring coming, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for your renovation, so that you can spend the glorious Summer season relaxing and enjoying the new additions and upgrades. If you’re ready to book your project now, be sure to secure your spot by contacting us today. Your new and improved spaces await!

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