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5 Things to be Aware of When Renovating your Bathroom

April 13, 2022

Bathroom renovations are always a fun and exciting project! Not only do they help to elevate the look and feel of your home, creating a serene space to get ready or unwind, but they also provide a great return on investment. However, as fun as they are, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a complete renovation of the whole room or a small project to upgrade the space, it’s still a huge undertaking and one that you need to be prepared for.

To help get you in the right frame of mind and understand what a bathroom renovation really entails, we’ve listed the 5 important elements that you must be aware of when preparing for this project. Let’s dive into it!

1. You Need to be on the Same Page as Your Contractor

We’ve heard quite a few horror stories from people who thought they were on the same page as their contractor for the renovation, only to find out (a little too late) that they weren’t. Needless to say, a bathroom renovation is an important one and it is essential to ensure that you and your contractor, designer, or renovation team are working towards the same end goal.

Be sure to have an in-depth meeting and provide images and concrete ideas as to what it is that you want your bathroom to look like when it is completed. It’s also beneficial to do a walkthrough of the space and talk through your ideas, all to ensure that you and the team conducting the renovation are on the same page as you.

It may seem like a tedious or useless step in the process, but trust us, it will help your contractor understand exactly what you want, and help you get to your desired result without any mishaps or misunderstandings. 

2. It Will Probably Cost More Than You Think!

The reason that bathroom renovations yield such a high return on investment is that they are expensive to conduct in the first place. We encourage all of our clients to do in-depth research right from the beginning to have a good understanding of how much certain items, such as a new shower head, vanity, lighting, or bathtub, will cost, in addition to the labor costs to conduct the renovation.

Once you have a clear idea of your budget and how much your contractor has expressed the entire project will be, we recommend setting aside an additional 15 - 20% for any unexpected or surprise expenses that may come up, as they usually do. It’s always better to be prepared!

3. Design with Functionality in Mind

While it’s great to have a beautiful-looking bathroom, it will not serve you or your family well if it is not functional. Before deciding on the budget or look and feel, have a conversation with your family or really think through how you all use this room together.

Are multiple kids in this space getting ready at once? Is it mandatory for you and your significant other to have your sink? Really give this some thought to ensure you’re not only elevating the look of this space but making it better overall.

4. You Need to Include Space for Storage

All too often we get shown inspiration bathroom photos at the start of renovation projects that have next to no storage within them. While yes, they are beautiful, again it goes back to that functionality aspect.

When designing your room or working through design concepts with your contractor team, be sure to ask about or point out where storage space should be made. While the level of storage space needed differs from family to family, it’s important to give this aspect some serious consideration to ensure that the room is not only elevated but also functional at the end of the project.

5. Be Prepared to go Without the Bathroom During the Project

Bathroom renovations not only take time, but they also take space, which means that your bathroom will most likely be out of use during the time that your contractor team is working on it. If you have a secondary bathroom it may be a small adjustment as you and your family get used to sharing one room during the duration of the project. But, if you’re a one-bathroom condo that is undergoing a complete renovation, you’ll have to be prepared to make other arrangements, whether this is staying with a friend or at an Airbnb for the time being.

Like any renovation, a great deal of planning, preparation, and budgeting is required. However, given that bathroom renovations tend to be on the more expensive side, and are in a well-used room in one’s home, it’s important to do your due diligence when preparing for it. These simple tips will help you to properly plan and get through your renovation easily, bringing you to the final end result that you’ve been waiting for. 

If you’re ready to go ahead with your bathroom renovation, or any renovation for that matter, be sure to give us a call! Not only are we well experienced, but we’re also aware of the tips, tricks, and correct processes that will help make any project a true success. Contact us today to book your consultation for your next project.

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